Wonder ...

Another layout I did for my Got Sketch class. I took these photos of Brandon last week and I could just stare at his gorgeous little face for hours.

Most of the papers I used are from Scenic Route Grafton (LOVE their stuff) and a few other random things here and there. I am having a ton of fun with iPhoto and editing my pics - I used a fade color effect on the bottom right photo and love how it turned out. Now when I get REALLY good at photo editing I'll have to convince Salar to load CS3 on this baby! :)

My Scrap Space!

I have been working on reorganizing my scrap space for some time now. There are still a few tweaks I need to make but for the most part I am thrilled with how everything has come together.

The room is actually the sitting room off of our master bedroom. It's a nice size room with a HUGE window at the far end for lots of natural light. I share the space with Darian and Brandon - hey kids need a space to do crafts too ya know!

This is the view as you walk into the room from the master bedroom (don't mind my pretty kitty Sasha - she didn't want to get out of the way for my pics! LOL):

On the left side of the room is the boys' craft area hence the brightly colored floor tiles (gotta try to spare my carpet from their creative rages). The table and chairs and red/blue storage units are all from The Land of Nod (LOVE that stuff!). In the very far corner you can see a map chest that I got from Home Decorator's - I keep all of my Stampin' Up! sets in there along with lots of other stamping supplies:

Here's a view from the opposite side of the room. Somebody made that storage unit for us and the colored bins are from Target. The cool name drawings were a present from the boys' Mimi - we got them last year during our annual Ocean City family vacation.

On the right side of the room is my craft space ... ahhhhhh! I spent most of the winter collecting those Store in Style cubes from Michael's and Target - I bought one or two every time I had a coupon or they were on sale! They house ALL of my embellishments from glitter to rub-ons and chipboard. LOVE them! You can also see my new craft table from Grandin Road. This was a labor of love - I did a fulfillment order for my hubby's work to earn some extra cash. I stuffed 15,000 CD cases with paper inserts to get that thing but it was worth every paper cut and broken nail! I have become a stand up scrapper so the height works great and the position right by all my embellishments is just perfect! Oh and there's that silly kitty Sasha again LOL:

Close up view of one side of my craft table - GREAT place to store stuff like stamps, ribbons, etc. This side is pretty much full but I still have lots of room on the other side to fill up (better get shoppin' huh?):

Close up view of my Store in Style cubes. LOTS of goodies in there! And that's a wrapping center on the left from The Container Store - I love to make presents look pretty too!

Here is a view of my desk area - home to my brand new gorgeous iMac. Seriously this computer ROCKS! My hubby bought it for me and I love it to pieces:

A WHOLE lotta Stampin' Up! cardstock - you could say I'm just a little obsessed. :)

What every scrapper NEEDS: the Scotch ATG 714 tape gun and jelly beans (or substitute the sweet of your choice). I usually have a coke in there with me too but I moved it out of the room for the pics - nothing like a caffiene and sugar high to get the creative juices flowin'.

And finally I thought I would just throw in a pic of a few cards I am making for Darian's preschool teachers to go along with their end of year thank you gifts (lighting is lousy on this one and I'm too lazy to go edit it - sorry!):

I have a BLOG!

Can you even believe it?!? I am sooooo not computer savvy but I like to read blogs now and then and thought it might be fun to try one. So here it is!

Well it might be fun to add a pic for my first entry - I've never done this before so hopefully I can figure it out LOL. Here is a scrapbook page I did for an online class I am taking. The class is called GotSketch101 and is offered by two fantastic ladies Valerie Salmon and Janna Wilson. We were given a sketch to work with and this is what I came up with:

Pretty cute eh? Brandon is such a ham and just loves to give that CHEESY smile for the camera.

Not bad for my first attempt huh? :)