Another little somethin' ...

So how 'bout another sneak peek at the layout I created as the Guest Designer for the Creative Scrapper's August 3rd reveal. I promise this picture has a lot more eye candy in it than the last one! :)

Be sure to check out the Creative Scrappers blog on Sunday for the full reveal!

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Here's a little somethin' for ya ...

So I know my blog has been pretty empty lately in terms of scrappy pictures and all for a good reason. I've been busy working on a few projects that I haven't been able to reveal just yet.

One of these projects is for the relatively new blog Creative Scrappers. If you are a sketch lover - and hey who isn't?!? - you NEED to go check this place out! Sketches are posted weekly to inspire you and give your creativity a jump start. They have a forum where you can post your layouts in a gallery and chat with lots of other ladies about all stuff crafty and then some! Oh and lots and lots of contests and chances to win some fun prizes!

There is also an amazing design team with weekly guest designers. That's where I come in! I entered a layout contest and was chosen as the Guest Designer for this Sunday's (August 3rd) reveal. How INCREDIBLE is that?!? I was so thrilled to be asked to design a layout for this week's sketch and had a lot of fun with it. Here's just a teeny tiny peek at what the layout looks like - if you wanna see more you'll just have to keep checking my blog for more sneak peeks this week. And you'll definitely have to check out the Creative Scrappers blog on Sunday to see the real deal! :)

Sorry it's been kinda quiet on here ...

So my hubby told me today that I need to get to posting some more crafty stuff on my blog. He said he likes to come here and see what I've been up to since he can't make his way past the doorway of the gigantic mess I call a scrap room to see it in real life. Okay so he didn't say the last part about the messy scrap room - that's just me giving myself a huge virtual kick in the you know what to clean this place up. Can you say DISASTER?!? But he did say I need to post some more of my pages because he wants to know what the heck I've been doing up here every free chance I get. And see here's the thing - I actually HAVE been working on some stuff but I just can't post it yet. But I will ... some of it sooner than later. So there you have it. My not very exciting post about stuff that I've been working on that you can't see. Yet. :)

He came home!

I have no idea where he was but my sweet kitty Sebastian managed to find his way back home. Thank God!

I put out food and water at all of the doors of our house hoping he might come back. When we woke up this morning the bowl by the garage door was empty. I was getting ready to refill the bowl this afternoon and thought I should check on the other bowls too to see if they were empty. I opened up the sliding glass doors to our patio and there he was laying down underneath our table. I nearly squished him to the ground making sure he didn't run away from me when I went to go pick him up. He seems fine - a bit spooked and a little dirty - but I can tell he's happy to be home. He has been talking to me since he got back in the door. Of course now my other kitty Sasha is being not too friendly - she keeps hissing and growling at him. I don't think she likes the way he smells (hee hee) or it could be that she liked being the queen of the house. In any case he's back and I am slowly starting to feel the hole in my heart close back up. Talk about emotional roller coaster. Whew!

A little something crafty to cheer me up!

I'm still so sad about Sebastian ... we still can't find him but we've called the animal shelter in town to give them a heads up and we're putting up posters around the area. I've called several neighbors to let them know as well. Please continue to pray that my sweet kitty finds his way home safely.

I was able to scrap a bit today which did cheer me up. I finished up a layout today I did for Pencil Lines Sketch 94. This was a fun layout because I got to scrap one of the pics I took down in Ocean City plus use all of the yummy Liberty line from Scenic Route I've had stashed away. I was planning to use these goodies for some 4th of July pics but those never seemed to materialize so I gotta take a chance when I see it to use some good ol' red white and blue! Here is my "all american boy":

So sad ...

I wasn't even going to post this since I felt like maybe if I didn't write it down in black and white it would somehow magically not be true. But it's my life and my reality and maybe writing it down will make me feel better ... eventually.

Our beloved Bengal cat Sebastian went missing last night and I now fear the worst has happened. If anyone reading this knows Sebastian you know that he is quite the talker - a very vocal kitty and super friendly. He constantly makes his presence known and likes to be where the action is. Well today he was nowhere to be found. I thought it was odd that he didn't greet me in the morning and try to sit on my lap at the breakfast table as he always does. I got caught up in the chaos of a day home with the boys and didn't think anything of it again until later this afternoon when the boys and I returned home from a bike ride and I still couldn't find him. I searched high and low for hours now and he is nowhere to be found. He is an indoor kitty and when I couldn't find him today I started to wonder if he could've gotten out. We did have a lot of traffic in and out of the house yesterday with the boys playing outside and such and I know he was hanging around by the doors now and again. He was on my lap when I was on the computer right before dinner but that was the last time I remember seeing him. I just can't imagine where he could be.

I am beyond sad by all of this. I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful cat he was ... and if I do I'll start crying again. The boys loved him and Darian realizes that he's not here. He told me that maybe Sebastian went grocery shopping and would be back soon. And then he told me that was silly because Sebastian doesn't have any money and can't drive a car. The minds of children ... I hope the boys don't hurt the way that Salar and I are hurting right now.

This is the part I hate about owning a pet. They become such an integral part of your family that it hurts like heck when they are gone. I miss him terribly and I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight knowing he's not home safe with me.

Here he is ... a picture of my beautiful Sebastian ... I love you Bubby!

Honey, I'm HOME!

Whew! We made it home! Thank goodness. We had a BLAST down in Ocean City but there is just something to be said for sleeping in your own bed and using your own bathroom. :P

The weather was gorgeous and I took LOTS and LOTS of pics so I'm sure I will have some good ones in there to scrapbook. I know it sounds silly but I missed my scrap room! I spend a lot of time in there and it just felt weird to not do anything crafty for a whole week! Salar is planning on going to the movies tonight - he NEEDS to see the new Batman flick LOL - so I'll get to spend some quality time reconnecting with all my scrappy goodies once the boys are in bed.

Hope everyone had a great week! :)

Almost there ...

... I think I am just about done with packing for our Ocean City trip. We leave Saturday morning and I kinda left the packing til the last minute but the boys have summer camp all day today so I figured I could get it done in one big marathon!

Let me tell you ... packing for a beach vacation for 4 is not easy! Not only do we have to bring the usual stuff - clothes, beach towels, sand toys, life vests, etc - but since we are staying in a rental home we have to bring our own pillows, sheets, bath towels, any food or other necessities we can't buy down there, etc. That's A LOT of stuff! Plus we are bringing the wagon to cart the boys down the boardwalk in the evenings, both tricycles, mine and Salar's bikes, Rock Band (you know ... the necessities :P) ...

I have such a headache just thinking about it all but the good news (at least for me) is that since I packed everything up Salar has to pack the car ... hee hee! How he's gonna fit all this stuff in there is beyond me - kinda like fitting 20 clowns into a little VW bug! Should be interesting!


I did this colorful layout for Creative Scrappers Sketch #7. I love this picture of Brandon and had fun pulling out all the colors from the play structure and his clothing to add to my page. And I'm excited to say that it was picked as LOTD (Layout of the Day) for today July 8th in the Creative Scrappers gallery. YAY! It's such a nice feeling to have your work acknowledged by others. So here it is:

right now

This is a silly little layout I did for the OLW blog challenge this week. We had to use the word "NOW" in our title. Journaling reads: There are dirty little boy feet in my kitchen sink ... right now. Kinda gross but oh so true! It's my reality every time we come in from playing outside. :)

I can't let the day go by ...

... without posting ... it's MY BIRTHDAY! Yep! Not gonna tell you how old I am although I'm feeling quite old these days. Funny how time just gets away from you. Anyways my wonderful hubby took the day off today and we had such an awesome day. The boys were in summer camp so we went to the movies to see Sex and the City (LOVED it and cried like a baby! LOL) and then out for a hibachi lunch. YUM! He left not so long ago to pick up the boys and I think they will be coming home with a little "surprise" cake for me. Can't have a birthday without cake and candles right? :)

I've been keeping the creative juices flowin' in my scraproom and just completed this layout for Pencil Lines Sketch #91.

I've been tagged!

Yep! My new friend Lisa from my Got Sketch 101 class has tagged me! Now I am a newbie to this whole world of blogging but I am all for fun and games so here goes ...

1. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger. I was a die-hard People's Court, Divorce Court, you name it watcher and had my mind set on becoming a lawyer. And then I became a social worker ... go figure!

2. My belly button is off center, my right leg is a tiny bit shorter than my left leg, and my right foot is bigger than my left ... but I embrace ALL my imperfections!

3. I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance.

4. I secretly belly dance when no one is watching.

5. I have a thing for salt and sweet. If I eat something salty I need a sweet chaser or vice versa. Potato chips and swedish fish are my favorite salty-sweet combo!

6. I am an organizational junkie. I love to organize. Of course I spend much more time thinking about organizing and buying containers to organize than actually organizing a gosh darn thing.

7. I have a thing against feet. I don't like them. Don't like to touch them. The only feet I will touch are my two little boys cuz their feet are so cute. I don't even touch my own feet (thank goodness for pedicures!).

Whew! I'm done. Now my turn to tag some friends. Here goes: AnnaMarie, Anne-Marie, Kelly, Corey, Sarah, Jenn and my new blog pal Laura.

Just a quick one ...

Check out the new look of my blog! Isn't it cool?!? My wonderful hubby Salar did it for me. I told him I wanted bright, playful, reminiscent of scrapbook embellishments, etc and this is what he came up with. Kinda cool to have a graphic artist as a husband huh? :)

FREE Shipping today at AC Bailey!

Yep that's right! It's the 1st of the month so you know what that means - FREE shipping on your entire order today at AC Bailey. Just click here or on the link on the right to check out some of the great new products AC Bailey has in stock. Remember to use my name Lynn Ghahary as your consultant during checkout.

Wanna know what I'm getting? It's WAY too much to list everything but I'll tell you some of the goodies I am most excited to get my hands on.

I am ordering nearly EVERYTHING from the Bazzill In Stitchz line - the store carries the floss cards, templates, tools, piercing mat, carrying case, pre-punched cardstock, etc. I figure if I can't sew on my layouts I most certainly can stitch on them!

Yummy yummy October Afternoon! Again when I go for something I go all out so I am getting EVERYTHING from the three latest lines - County Fair, Daydream, and Detours. I LOVE these papers and the store carries the coordinated embellishments, rub-ons, and stamps as well (which I'm also getting LOL).

County Fair Paper Set:

Daydream Paper Set:

Detours Paper Set:

I am also getting a bunch of chipboard sets and some paints from Making Memories. I have been using chipboard A LOT on my recent layouts and I love the versatility of being able to paint the pieces to match my layout. I especially love the bleached chipboard from BoBunny - they are WHITE so you can paint them, leave them as is or even STAMP on them (which I've done and it looks VERY cool!).

Bleached Chipboard - Which Way

There's a ton more but just can't list it all - American Crafts albums and refill pages (gotta start putting those pages in albums! LOL), Bazzill Just the Edge cardstock, American Crafts Thickers (LOVE these things), and a bunch more. My birthday is on Thursday so I figure I deserve a little early birthday present with all the goodies I'm getting, right? :)