In case you missed it the first time around!

Due to a popular demand, we've decided to make our popular Got Sketch 101 & 102 classes available for those who missed the first go-around of the workshop series. While the original classes were interactive with teacher and student participation, prizes, forums and a gallery, these offerings will be more of a print-and-go format for your convenience. As usual, there's no homework, classes are self-paced and EVERYBODY gets an A+! We are offering all of the complete and original class content in an easy-to-navigate online classroom.

Click here for the GS101 & GS102 Bundle Info Page.
If you liked our GS Mini (freebie) class, you can now take 101, 102, or both !

We are closing the GS Mini site on Wednesday, December 17.
Thanks to those who joined us and gave us the opportunity to show you a tidbit of what our classes are like.
Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!!

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