Send Love Today

One of my goals for the New Year is to simplify my life. Part of this goal is to streamline my routines in my personal and family life and the other part of this goal (for me at least) is to practice moderation. Moderation in the amount of "stuff" that comes into this house. Less stuff means less clutter, less stuff to clean up, less stuff to deal with on a daily basis and ultimately less money spent and more money saved (and who couldn't use more money in their savings?).

I've been in the process of reorganizing my scrap space for the last few days (although it seems like I am ALWAYS reorganizing this space! LOL) and have decided I need to part with some of the supplies that haven't been touched in the past year and that I know I just will not use. I had read about an organization that collects scrapbooking supplies on Kelli Crowe's blog awhile ago called Send Love Today. They are a nonprofit organization that provides support to brain tumor patients and their families in the form of cards and small gifts. I emailed one of the founders, Linda Thomas, and she was more than happy to receive donations. She will even send back a receipt for your taxes if you include an approximate value of your donation with your package.

So my plan is to set out a Priority mail box in the corner of my scrap space and fill it with whatever supplies I have not used or know that I will not use in the near future. Once the box is full I will send it off to Send Love Today and start the process all over again. Not only am I working on my goal to simplify for the New Year but I am helping others at the same time and really what could be better than that? :)

If you'd like to donate to Send Love Today you can mail your donations to:

Send Love Today
PO Box 528
Berea, Ohio 44017


laura vegas said...

this is a great idea lynn! i'm always cleaning out my stash of goodies ... and this would be a great cause to donate it too. thanks for the info!

Bessie said...

Thanks for sharing this info, my friend. I have so many supplies here waiting to be donated as well and didn't know to whom. I'll be sending some love as well :-)

Laura T. said...

Lynn - I love this idea. I was trying to come up with a great place to send unused scrapbook products, so thanks to you, I now have a place to send them.