Happy Birthday Laura!

SURPRISE! Carla and I decided there was no better way to celebrate your 40th birthday than to gather 40 of your friends and colleagues for a birthday blog hop!  So sit back and relax my dear friend (hopefully you're sipping some Starbucks right about now) and get ready to be showered with birthday cards and greeting from around the web.  :)

There is so much I can say about our friendship Laura - you truly are one of my BFFs - so I decided to share just some of the things I love about "us" ... 
  • I love that scrapbooking brought us together but it is only one of many things that keep us that way.  
  • I love that we "talk" daily - either by phone or by email - and that it feels weird to both of us when we don't get our daily dose.  
  • I love that your kids know all about me and my kids and my kids know all about you and yours even though we live on opposite coasts.  
  • I love that when I said I wanted to go to CHA this past January you were willing to take the time off from work to go with me.  
  • I love that you took me to my first In N Out burger and literally paused to watch me take my first bite with a huge smile on your face.  
  • I love that you are a procrastinator and I am a "get 'er done" gal but we totally get that about each other.  
  • I love that you know I have a weakness for powdered mini donuts and I know how you order your Starbucks (5 pumps coffee, 4 pumps mocha).
  • I love that I can talk to you about trivial things just as easily as I can talk to you about the serious stuff and I know you're listening just the same.
  • I love that you continually encourage and inspire me to be the very best that I can be - not only in the scrapbooking industry but as a wife and mother.
I could go on and on but you've got lots of other blogs to go through so let me end by saying Happy Birthday my friend - may all your birthday wishes come true!  If you'd like to visit Laura's blog and share some birthday wishes with her you can do so here

As you know Sarah Klemish doesn't have a blog but wanted to join in on the hop as well so you'll find a card and message from Sarah posted below ...

Laura -  To my beautiful, talented and creative friend!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you enjoy 40 as much as I did! :)  Thanks for always being so inspiring, not only as a scrapbooker but as a mom!

Your next stop is with Carla so hop on over and see what she's got in store for you!  :)

And just in case there are any broken links along the way here is the entire list of participants in the celebration ...

Lynn Ghahary
Sarah Klemish *posting on Lynn's blog*
Carla Tarabus
Sara Rossi
Sierra Renter
Deneen Cook
Heather Ruwe
Cindy Leibel
Wendy Bretz
Erin Terrell Clarkson
Jen Gallacher
Mary MacAskill
Wendy Sue Anderson
Kimber McGray
Suzy Plantamura
Jennifer McGuire
Suzanne Sergi
Summer Fullerton
Becky Olsen
Doris Sander
Laura Toriello
Jennifer Johner
Wilna Furstenburg
Nichol Magourik
Maggie Homes
Deena Wuest
Jill Yegerlehner
Karen Nuce *posting on Jill's blog*
Jennifer Harkin *posting on Jill's blog*
Sarah Hodgkinson
Paula Gilarde
Melanie Blackburn
Kim Moreno
Kim Arnold
Juliana Michaels
Ingrid Danvers
Aly Dosdall
Becky Williams
Jenny Weston


Bobbie Lynn said...

Pretty cards and blog. Happy 40th Birthday and what a neat way to celebrate it. : )

marilyn said...

What a wonderful, long distance friendship!!! Happy Birthday Laura!!!

Jessica said...

What an awesome idea for a blog hop! Thanks for this opp! I'm now following a lot of you. Seems like you are very lucky to hav Laura in your life and you seem like a true friend for life. ;)

Carla said...

Well written Birthday Wishes for Laura! Love her card!

Dwita said...

Pretty cards. The blog is also adorable. Happy 40th..

Sara said...

Thanks so much for including me on the hop for our friend! Your post is a beautiful tribute to Laura! And your card is perfect for her!

Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

Lynn, your cards are gorgeous. Love it!! :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for including me in the blog hop! Your card is lovely!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Karina said...

Happy B-day, Laura!!!

Have a wonderful day,


dawn said...

What a nice surprise for all of you to do for Laura's birthday. This is such a fun idea she won't forget. I only know Laura thru her blog and I love her style and all she does on her blog. I can tell she's a great person and a great friend and mom. Thanks for giving us this chance to share her birthday with her.

Dawn said...

What a beautiful card, and such beautiful sentiments. These kinds of friends are simply the best!

laura vegas said...

thank you so much, my dear friend! you made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes, all at the same time! i am so lucky to call you my friend, and love you for doing this for me!

Dizzy B said...

Birthday blog hop...great idea!

Sasha Holloway said...

Nice cards and very nice of you to do.

Marlene said...

What a beautiful card, and sweet, sweet tribute to your friend!

Nichol said...

Such beautiful cards, ladies! Love the sentiment, Lynn and Sarah that white on white with a pop of color is SO clever. Totally stealing that idea!

Happie Taylor said...

That's a very beautiful 40th birthday wishes. Such a nice and brilliant creation craft!


curtis03 Lewis said...

Super cute birthday cards! I am truly in love with these DIY cards. My mom’s birthday is coming up and thinking to host a DIY outdoor party for her. Have booked one of her favorite
venues in San Francisco already.