A few layouts to share ... finally!

At the end of last summer I started submitting my work for publication with a gentle nudge from a great gal pal of mine. :) I was beyond excited when I started to get emails requesting my pages and have been biding my time waiting for the actual magazines to be in print. Since most mags work about 6 months in advance I had a long wait ahead! LOL

Well the time has come and I can finally share my first few published pages with all of you. It's so surreal to see my stuff in a magazine - who knew?!?

My first ever published layout is in the January issue of Scrapbook Trends on page 107 titled "Right Now" for their My Crazy Life challenge. It's a silly layout I did about my boys' dirty feet in my kitchen sink - an everyday occurence at our house during the summer after a full day of play outside.

The next layout appears in the Scrapbook Trends Babies Idea Book on page 68 titled "Cherish This Time." Now you may be wondering who that pretty little baby girl is in the picture since I only have two boys. Well there was a bit of a mixup ... and since my layout doesn't actually have any names on it anywhere ... and it IS on the girly side ... well let's just say that Brandon makes one adorable baby girl now doesn't he? Anyone who knows me knows I am not afraid to put flowers on boy pages and I did just that on this layout. So they thought Brandon was a girl ... being mistaken for a girl isn't all that bad now is it? (don't answer that Salar! LOL) ;)


Laura T. said...

I was going to send you an email about the layout in Scrapbook Trends -- I saw it (along with another one of your layouts) while reading through the magazine the other night. Congratulations to you - they are all beautiful layouts!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

I saw your LOs too!!! They both are amazing :) Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these layouts and am not surprised at all that they were published! Congrats girl! I saw that one in Scrapbook Trends! I was like, "Hey, I know her!!!!" :) hehe

AnnaMarie said...

Girl, I am SO SO proud of you!! Those LO's are fabulous, and I can't wait to see in print the ones you haven't shared yet as well! ;)
And we're going to keep on submitting too! :) Love ya girl!

Bessie said...

Oh my dear friend, congratulations on your publications. Beautiful LO's Keep 'em coming. Love ya!