Survey and a Chance to WIN!

Hey everyone!  Summer is winding down around here but it seems like I've been busier than ever (hence the lack of blogging! LOL).  The boys start school next Wednesday and truth be told I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and having a little peace and quiet during the day - does that make me a bad mama?  Or perhaps just a bad mama for saying it out loud?  hee! 

In the meantime I have something fun to share with you ... a chance to win a brand new Cricut E2!

All you need to do to be entered to win is fill out this survey.  You have until the end of the month and the winner will be notified on October 5th.  GOOD LUCK! 

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Lulu said...

Not a bad Mama at all! School gives me time to recharge and be a better Mommy :) Although school starting next week is making me feel bad about all the summer things I wanted to do and didn't get to. blah!