Let's Go Mets!

Okay so I'm not really a Mets fan (GO YANKEES!) but I just have to post about the Mets game on Friday because ... Salar took Darian to his very FIRST baseball game! Salar ended up with 4 tickets for awesome seats so he and our good friend Joe took Darian and Joe's son Kyle. They had an absolute blast and Darian managed to make it through the whole game even though the first pitch wasn't thrown until 7pm! The boys made it home a little after midnight and despite the late night Darian was still up at his usual early bird time of 6am on Saturday morning. No sleeping in for this family. *sigh*

Salar was an awesome hubby and listened to my very strict instructions to "take lots of pictures!" - he took 60 in all! Here's just a few of my favorites:

So the Mets didn't win but I know it is a game that neither Salar nor Darian will forget for the rest of their lives. :)

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{KKC} said...

Great pictures, can't wait to see the layouts you create with them.