What a weekend!

It's been such a hectic and crazy weekend so far and it's not even over yet! I don't even know where to start. Let's see ...

On Saturday morning Darian received his first ever medal! YAY! It was the last day of Kiddie Soccer and all the players received a medal from their coach. Thankfully I had my camera (with my super cool new zoom lens) so I was able to get some great shots of him. He was just so proud of himself and I am so happy that he enjoyed his first team sport experience. Here are just a few pics from the day:

(that's Coach Matt giving Darian a high five after he gave him his medal)

(one PROUD soccer player)

Salar and I changed all the shutters on our house. Yes - you read that right. The two of us, in 90+ degree heat, managed to take off our old faded shutters and put up some brand spankin' new ones in a gorgeous "classic blue" color. It was quite the adventure considering Salar is afraid of heights (shhhh ... don't tell him I told you that) and our 15 foot ladder didn't quite reach the top windows. We ended up hanging out the windows on the top floor to get part of the job done. And I have to say I'm quite impressed with my Handy Manny-esque (only adults with little ones will get that reference) skills. I wielded a handsaw, power drill, hammer and chisel all while hanging precariously out our second story windows with only Salar (and my SIL Fati at times) anchoring me to the ground. Our neighbors got a kick out of that sight for sure!

While all this was going on my two SILs were watching the boys. They spent hours playing in this amazing pool from Little Tikes! Can you say F-U-N! Our neighbors stopped by and the kids had an absolute blast. Of course the adults had fun too - you can bet that I went down that slide several times! Here's a few pics of the boys:

Brandon was a little afraid at first. He liked to splash in the pool part but didn't really want to go down the slide. And if things got a little too crazy he bolted out of the pool into the safety of the grass! LOL He definitely needs to warm up to new experiences.

And then there's Darian! He is Mr. Adventure - couldn't wait to try out the slide and must have gone down that thing over 100 times. I got a lot of great pictures and can't wait to scrapbook them - I think this one is my favorite!

Saturday night Darian wasn't feeling too well and had a slight fever - I thought maybe it was just from all the activity and the heat outside. We had a cookie tossing episode right before bed but I thought it was because he was just crying and upset. Well little did I know that he would toss his cookies 4 more times from 11pm til 5am. Fun huh? So needless to say I have spent the majority of today (Sunday) doing laundry. Blech! Keeping my fingers crossed that this is just one of those 24 hr bugs and he'll be good to go in a day or so. It's too gorgeous outside to be stuck indoors sick!


{KKC} said...

And where are the pictures of you changing the shutters?

Lynn said...

LOL Kelly! You're right - I shoulda had my camera strapped around my neck while hanging precariously out the window! Darn! :)