Bad Attitude

So I am writing this post not just to share this layout that I created of Darian. Nope. I am writing this post to ask a question - since when do boys have attitude? Having two boys I seriously thought I lucked out in the "attitude" department since it is my understanding that girls are the attitude givers (having been one myself at one time). So I thought the trade off was having to deal with dirty, grimy, gross little boy things while escaping the "age of the attitude." Obviously I was wrong ... or just didn't get the memo that little boys can have attitudes too. And it seems that both my boys have been blessed in that department because all I am dealing with lately are sourpuss faces and grumpy comments from the peanut gallery. Ah, the joys of boys!


Laura T. said...

You're just discovering that boys have attitude --- I'll ship you Nicholas for a few days --- then you'll really see attitude.

Bessie said...

I agree with Laura, boys do have Shawn is worst than my daughter. He's so much like his mother, lol, while my daughter is like her father...nothing bothers her. Have a great one.

Becky said...

Oh yeah, boys have attitudes! Actually, son #2 is much worse than son #1 and my daughter combined.

Oops, I suppose you were hoping to hear otherwise. :)