Stamford here I come!

I am heading off to Stamford early tomorrow morning to attend the Creative Photography Retreat! I am so excited (and a little nervous since I'm going by myself) for this event. There are some HUGE names that will be teaching there like Jessica Sprague, Candice Stringham, and Renee Pearson just to name a few. Not to mention a welcome by Lisa Bearson and lots of other well-known and talented people in the industry. This was a birthday present to myself and I am so happy it is finally here. I've got my camera bag packed, laptop all set to go, now all I need to do is pack my suitcase (nothing like waiting til the last minute!). I hope to learn lots and lots of great new camera and photoshop tips and tricks that will really spice up my photography and scrapbooking. See y'all on Sunday!


heyhoewarren said...

Have a great time Lynn! Can't wait to see what they teach you! Lis.

kimmyj said...

Sweet.... just sing 'happy birthday to me' the whole way there... enjoy!